Saba Photonics company is the most leading  and also of the largest manufacturers of solid state lasers, fiber lasers, short pulse lasers, fiber sensors and optoelectronic components inside territory.

More than high skilled photonics, laser and physics experts the company is walking with skillful electronics, mechanics technicians as well enable Saba Photonics a high quality performance and products. It is a continues approach in company to upgrade products and services moving on edge of high technologies to meet reliable, safe, easy to use, flexible and economical products and services.

Some of Saba Photonics’ products and services are mentioned – but not limited- bellow: 

  • Ultra-short lasers
  • marking and welding Lasers
  • Medical lasers
  • Fiber optic sensors and devices
  • Laser related components
  • Distribution of well-known laser brands in local markets
  • Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality

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