Business Description


SABA LASE TECHNOLOGIES INC. is dedicated to Research & Development, Sterilization, QC, Marketing, and Export of its medical laser fibers. The company focuses on implementing the world's latest science on its products and establishing its name as one of Canada's top distributors of medical laser fibers. SABA LASE TECHNOLOGIES INC. is offering cutting-edge solutions to medical professionals that fit seamlessly into the health-economics environment of the 21st century. The Company provides a full range of medical laser fibers applicable to mainstream laser devices; in addition, this company is available to offer the OEM service. Service Categories The R&D process includes below stages:

• Evaluation of medical laser safety and quality assurance (QA) are performed under the direction of a qualified expert.

• The Company is committed to developing and selling products that meet regulatory standards, ensuring high levels of compliance via mandatory conformity marking to certify that its products meet the varying requirements in the countries in which they are distributed.

• The Company’s products are all CE marked, meaning they can be freely circulated within the European market as well as FDA, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified.

• Sterilization and QC procedures are key processes in the development of medical fibers.

• SABA LASE TECHNOLOGIES INC. commences the sterilization of manufactured products.

• The process is accomplished with EtO sterilization capability. SABA LASE TECHNOLOGIES INC. is dedicated to the R&D, design, quality control, sterilization, and distribution of innovative medical fiber products. The company is growing through constant technological innovation, resulting in the introduction of new products onto the market.